Investment Plan
Key reason(s) to buy Investment Plan
  • Beat FD Returns
  • Plan for your kids education
  • Plan for your daughters marriage

Key Features:
  • Get Guaranteed Returns*
  • Get Tax-Free Returns under section 10 (10D)
  • Create wealth for future goals
  • Save Tax - upto Rs.46,800 under section 80C
  • Get inbuilt life cover

* Tax benefit depends on scheme chosen and current tax laws

Lock upto 6%* Tax-free Guaranteed Returns
Get insured from the comfort of your home

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FD Returns Before Tax: 5.5%* After Tax: 3.5% to 3.9% (Taxable)
Guaranteed Return Plan Before Tax: 6%* After Tax: 6%* (Tax-Free)
You can lock upto 6%* Guaranteed Tax-free Returns for 10/20/30 Years + Get 10 times Life Cover

*Guaranteed Return % depends on the age, type of scheme etc.

Types of investment & saving plans:
1. Participating Endowment Plan:

Participating Endowment Plans are perfect for individuals who wish to avail the dual benefit of investment plus insurance under the same roof. Endowment Plans provide the comfort of a guaranteed maturity.

2. Guaranteed Return Plan:

Guaranteed Return Plans are a different variant of endowment plans. These plans offer an assured return to the policyholder at the maturity of a specific investment policy. There are various investment plans available in the market under this category, and the investor can compare to know the guaranteed return value and the set of terms and conditions of the said plan.

3. Unit Linked Investment Plans (ULIP):

ULIP or Unit Linked Plans are a combination of insurance with investment where the maturity amount is not guaranteed. In these types of plans, the maturity amount depends on the fund chosen and the performance of the fund.

In ULIPs, the policyholder has an option to select the investment category based on the risk appetite. Client can chose to invest into Equity or Debt or a combination of both. Unit Linked Insurance Plans are considered to be one of the best investment avenues in India for those who are looking for coverage cum investment options. ULIPs offer both financial protection and life coverage. Even though the return on ULIP are subject to market risk, they help in wealth creation on a longer term and hence the final yield is much better as compared to other investment options. The ULIP funds can be invested either into equity or debt funds or into a combination of both i.e. Balance Fund. The market value of the equity fund or debt fund is calculated on the NAV (Net Asset Value) criteria.

4. Money Back Plan:

A money-back policy is a policy which gives pay outs at regular intervals. These pay outs are made during the plan tenure and is a percentage of the Sum Assured. Money-back pay-outs are called Survival Benefits. These benefits are paid during the plan tenure. Upon maturity, the remaining Sum Assured is paid along with vested bonuses. However, if the insured dies during the plan tenure, the full Sum Assured is paid irrespective of the Survival Benefits already paid.